What is Website Support?

Website support is the practice of performing a variety of tasks that are designed to keep a website running at peak performance and to protect it from external threats.

What do I need it?

Just as your home requires regular attention in order to ensure that the various elements are kept in good conditon and that you and toure family are protected froim intruders, a website requires regular care to ensure that its various components run smoothly.

Before You Hire A Website Support Provider - Ask These Questions

What is included?

This may be the most important question to ask. If you are not an experienced websiote designer, you may not be familiar with what is needed to keep a website running smoothly. Different providers can offer different elements in their plans.  Before you hire a website maintenance provider, visit their website to dewtermine if they list the various elements in their plans.

See what is included in our plans, below.

What if I don't know what some of those included items are?

If you are not familiar with some of the items, ask the provider to explain them. If the website supporte provider cannot exolain them, keep that in mind.

How does all of this website support work?

If you’re signing up for website support services with a new provider, expecially if you have never used one before, you may be unsure as to whether you are making the right decision. So, asking how the process is handled is a fair question.

How Latitude 504 handles it:

As soon as a new client sugns up for a website support plan, we set up a rofile for them in our project management system. Next Рand this is important Рwe perform a complete backup (copy) of their site, so that an issue crops up, we can restore it to the conidtion it was in when we started supporting it. That copy is saved to the cloud.. Then, we set uptime monitoring on the site. Next, we run a performance check and a security check, to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.. Once that is taken care of, we perform  any necessary updates to the core WordPress files, plugins, or the theme. The next step is to delete all plugins and themes that are not being used. Then, we montiro the site, updating as necessary. All actions taken are noted in your project profile for reporting purposes.

Does the Website Support provider also design and build websites?

Although somre Website Support providers  limit themselves to only perofrming Website Support, most also design and build websites as well.

What Latitude 504 does:

We not only provide first-class Website Support, we also desing and build amazing website as well. We also provide other marketing services, such as social media management, content creation, and more.

Who performs the support?

As a busy person, it can be frustrating to have to communuicate wit a different person each time that you have a question or need some assistance, especially if there is a language barrier.

How Latitude 504 handles it:

We assign a dedicated Project Manager to serve as your single point of contact. Only in extraordinary circumsances will you have to interact with another representative. Our team is 100% US-based, with English as their primary lasnguage.

Are content updates or new page creation included?

Some Website Support providers include content updates in their plans, while others do not.

What Latitude 504 Elements does:

Because of the time commitment that is required when doing new work of this nature, we have chosen not to include content updates or new page creation in our plans. To request a quote for work of this nature, click here.

What types of websites do your provide support for?

Some Website Support providers service alll types and kinds of websites, regardless of what platform they were built on.

What Latitude 504 does:

Because of the prevalence of WordPress (34% of all websites on the planet have been built on it), we have decided to focus our efforts exclusively on servicing website built with WordPress.

Am I locked into a long-term commitment?

Different Website Support providers have their onw requirments when it comes to the erms of their plans. Ask for details on their contract terms and cancellation ploicy.

What Latitude 504 does:

We love happy customers! If, fo whatever reason, a client chooses to leave us, we make it easy to cancel their plan at any time. However, plan payments are non-refundable. Cancellation must be made in writing and prior to the subscription’s renewal date in order to prevent further billing activity.

Website Support Plans


  • malware scanning
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • daily site backups
  • WordPress core updates (as needed)
  • WordPress plugin updates (asneeded)
  • WordPress theme updates (as needed)
  • monthly performance check
  • monthly security check
  • email support
  • $336/yr. when paid annually ($28/month; 20% discount)


  • all elements of Gold plan, plus
  • one hour of basic website updates
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • priority phone support
  • $336/yr. when paid annually ($28/month; 20% discount)